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Dear Students ,

Times have changed. Competition is not only between two companies or two products but between the skill sets of two individuals. One can face such competition only on the basis of knowledge gained and experience earned. Time has become a very scarce resource. Money spent can be earned, but a day gone is a day gone. It's a race of time. Every individual has to learn as much as possible in the shortest possible time. No more need one wait until the completion of his or her graduation and then acquire professional knowledge. One has to begin the process immediately after his/ her 12th.

Globalization has become a buzzword. Technology has converted the whole world into a small village. Internet is the platform that made this possible. Opportunities have become global and execution has become local. Geographical boundaries have disappeared. One can stay anywhere and deliver anywhere in the world. Way of working has also dramatically changed. The pace of the life has really become very fast and multi-dimensional.

India is on the growth path. Indians are a very important part of every Fortune 500 company and every developed country. No company or country in the world can today afford to ignore Indians. We are today involved in the development of every company and country globally. India has become the support of the whole world. India has the youngest population in the world and intellectually one of the best. The whole world is looking at India as the land of immense opportunities. A former prime minister of India has said that IT is not only information technology but also INDIA'S TODAY, INDIA'S TOMORROW AND INDIAN TERRITORY.

All this ensures every Indian of multiple opportunities and rapid progress. But one needs to be ready with the right skill sets. Every student today needs to invest time and efforts to build a solid global career to encash the opportunities that he comes across. With multiple career options available, it's very important that student selects a career which suits his aptitude and capability. Every student can either build a career in the field of technology or he can gain the knowledge of technology to empower whichever career he is pursuing. Be it engineering or chartered accountancy or architecture or a B.A., B.Com or B.Sc., no career is complete without the knowledge of information technology. The Indian universities today have made available many options which can enable a student to take any career of his choice. Selection of a career is no more academic percentage dependent but WILL dependant. If you have the WILL, there are many WAYS available to create a world class global career.

The next few years of your life will define the rest of your life. I wish every student a glorious future and a successful life ahead. Make your family and your country proud of your global achievements.

"Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use to
change the World."- Nelson Mendela